The main golden calf in design is simplicity. Speaking as someone who looks at, makes, and uses design each and every day, I am tired of simple things. Simple things are weak, they are limited, they are boring. What I truly want is clarity. Give me clear and evident things over simple things. Make me things that presume and honor my intelligence.

Frank Chimero, Only Openings.

I post this because I agree with it. It is increasingly obvious that simplicity continues to be idolized in light of all evidence. Cars are more complicated, phones are more complicated, websites are more complicated, devices are more complicated. But the UIs have been refined and user patterns have been standardized: you only have to learn things once, rather than re-learning for every device.

We should be taking advantage of this standardization rather than re-creating functionality with a different name, or omitting it entirely in the name of simplicity.

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+1 to the quote and the commentary.


Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg's nonprofit organization,, has partnered with Getty Images to “to create a line of stock photos that depict mature, professional businesswomen, rather than ones who appear dumb, subservient, sexualized, or sometimes all three at once.” 

One recent study found that only 3% of creative directors are women. In journalism, men continue to fill the majority of top editor roles — and this likely extends to photo editor roles as well. We’ve all seen Mad Men. This isn’t the 1950s, but the advertising industry is not exactly a model for gender equality. None of this is to say that men can’t accurately depict women in visual imagery, but if we’ve learned anything from the research, it’s that gender equality in every industry leads to better and more representative outcomes.”

"The new library of photos shows professional women as surgeons, painters, bakers, soldiers and hunters. There are girls riding skateboards, women lifting weights and fathers changing babies’ diapers.”

Jessica BennetWill Lean In & Getty Rid the World of the Media’s Subtle Sexism?

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As one of the other 97% of creative directors, even I can vouch for how important this is. These photos are great.