What Tumblr did instead was to design a more thoughtful form of community engagement by requiring people to repost content in its original context rather than simply piping in an anonymous comment. According to Karp, this meant that people who had “put themselves out there” through a guitar performance or a poem were more likely to attract a sympathetic, encouraging community rather than trolls. He added that comments are “a second class feature” because a commentator is subsumed to a tiny text stream below the main piece of content. To foster engagement, Tumblr is instead choosing options like “Fan mail” which aspire to create more careful, thoughtful and elegant interactions.

A beautiful design and no jerks: how Tumblr did it — Tech News and Analysis (via triciawang)

Nailed it. Identify the patterns. Design to encourage civility.

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Why a startup just published all of its employees’ salaries for the world to see

As a fan of transparency, I’m very interested in seeing how this pans out. My expectations are high.

Massive kudos to Buffer.