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Why a startup just published all of its employees’ salaries for the world to see

As a fan of transparency, I’m very interested in seeing how this pans out. My expectations are high.

Massive kudos to Buffer. 

What this reveals more than anything is that Yahoo management doesn’t have a clue as to who’s actually productive and who’s not. In their blindness they’re reaching for the lowest form of control a manager can assert: Ensuring butts in seats for eight hours between 9-5 .

No more remote work at Yahoo by David of 37signals

It’s no surprise that DHH has possibly the most scathing, yet insightful, critique of Yahoo!’s decision to eliminate telecommuting. 

The entire technology industry uses the word “user” to describe its customers. While it might be convenient, “users” is a rather passive and abstract word. No one wants to be thought of as a “user” (or “consumer” for that matter). I certainly don’t. And I wouldn’t consider my mom a “user” either, she’s my mom. The word “user” abstracts the actual individual. This may seem like a small and insignificant detail that doesn’t matter, but the vernacular and words we use here at Square set a very strong and subtle tone for everything we do. So let’s now part ways with our industry and rethink this.

Square’s Jack Dorsey

We’re about being in business for the long haul and keeping the team together over the long haul. I would never trade a short-term burst for a long-term decline in morale. That happens a lot in the tech business: They burn people out and get someone else. I like the people who work here too much. I don’t want them to burn out. Lots of startups burn people out with 60, 70, 80 hours of work per week. They know that both the people or the company will flame out or be bought or whatever, and they don’t care, they just burn their resources. It’s like drilling for as much oil as you possibly can. You can look at people the same way.

Jason Fried - 37signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO’s Model? His Cleaning Lady | Fast Company

Jason Fried and 37signals consistently do the right thing. It’s been inspiring to watch their company grow over the last decade.