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Digital Titles at Ad Agencies: Going, Going, Gone?

As Honesty CEO, Walter Naeslund says “It just doesn’t make sense anymore to have separate staff to handle a separate area which is inherently impossible to separate from anything else.”

This goes beyond individual titles. Claiming to be a “digital agency” only made sense when it helped differentiate your company from “traditional agencies” that had not yet embraced the Internet. Now, in 2012, saying “digital” is no longer a differentiator. It’s the bare minimum. 

Avis Gets Rid of Iconic ‘We Try Harder’ Tagline


Aw, bad times. The new CMO of Avis has decided that the company needs a break from trying so hard all the time. They have changed the tagline was first created by DDB copywriter Paula Green 50 years-ago. ‘We Try Harder’ went on to define the brand and became an iconic campaign that every ad student, ever, studies at some point.

The new tagline is ‘It’s Your Space’ and the company is now targeting businessy folk that do business type things.

This makes me sad. The only reason I ever even thought of Avis was that tagline. Sure, there’s little to differentiate them from the other companies in their space, but that tagline was such an earnest thing to say, in a sea of marketing-speak, that it was easy to feel some affection for their attempt at human speech. ”It’s Your Space” is either meaningless or just plain untrue. I’m in “my space” right now and it’s not a rental car.

That “Banksy on advertising” excerpt the whole internet swooned over last week was mostly plagiarized from a cool 1999 essay.


Oh, the irony. Click through and make sure Sean Tejaratchi gets the audience he deserves.

I thought the quote looked really familiar, so did some digging online, but couldn’t find the original source. In retrospect, I should have checked my own bookshelf. 

Memo to myself: Not everything I’ve read is online. 

UPDATE: "Long story short: Banksy didn’t steal from me. He didn’t plagiarize that quote on advertising. Ten years ago, he was careless, the opposite of sneaky. What’s more, I was also careless."

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